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The acoustic sessions began in June 2014 at the Oasthouse Theatre in Rainham (Kent) and happen every other month.  The acoustic sessions were started with the idea of creating a place where musicians could perform completely acoustic to an attentive audience: basically a venue where the music comes first. The beautiful Oasthouse Theatre has been the home of the acoustic sessions since the beginning and could not be a more ideal venue with its intimate theatre space seating up to 72 people.

In terms of music type at the acoustic sessions it is anything goes; as long as it's acoustic. At each session there will be a good mix of acts so there's something for everyone, although I'm pretty sure you'll enjoy every act! You can go to the 'live dates' section of this site to find out when the next show is on.

Over the years we've been honoured to have so many great acts on the stage however, with all small music events of this type it is the volunteers who help out and the audience who continue to turn out time and time again that keep this event going. Your support has been fantastic and long may it continue! Cheers, Luke



2014: Luke Bailey, Johanna Coulson, Daniel Holeyman, Scott Shearer, Sophie Williams, Steve 'The Trombone man' Parkin, John Forrester, Lewis Leeming, Allan Willmott, Hugh Bailey, Phil Reed, Angharad Shearer

2015: Luke Bailey, Steve Berry, Awaya at Midnight, Les Elvin, Ellen Care and Matt Dear from Green Diesel, Johanna Coulson, Jazmin Qunta, Steve 'The Trombone man' Parkin, Scott Shearer, Phil Reed, Fergal Quinn, Nick Marshall, Steve Berry, Les Elvin, Paul Corcoran, Rachel Lowrie, Claudia Arnold, Rob Dowsett, Mark Harrison, John Forrester, Mooi Acapella

2016: Luke Bailey, Gavin Alexander, Filling the Gaps, Kelly Stanley and the Hunters, Sometime in the Neverfuture, Steve 'the Trombone man' Parkin, Alan Godman, Scott Shearer, Phil Reed, Ciaran Farrell, Nick Hughes, Rachel Lowrie, John Humphrey, Chris Weller, Jess Pender, Paul Corcoran, Andy Smythe, John Forrester, The Trombgnomes, More than Echoes, Hugh Bailey, Steve Berry

2017: Luke Bailey, Ellen Care and Greg Ireland from Green Diesel, Jonica Love, Bernard Hoskin, Nick Marshall, Jayne Snow, William Harper, Bity Booker, Nick Hughes, Steve Berry, Kerry Bailey, Jill Balderston, David James Rumsey, Les Elvin, Mandi Harkett, Ciaran Farrell, The Demon Gin, Rachel Lowrie, Kelly Stanley, Staggered Ray, The Trombgnomes

2018: Luke Bailey, William Harper, Jess Pender, Ryan Fox, John Forrester, Damien Clarke, More Than Echoes, Bernard Hoskin, Scott Shearer & Phil Reed, Fabio Turchetti, Geoff Easeman, The David James Rumsey Band, Kelly Stanley & Company, Bity Booker, Crayon Angels, The Trombgnomes, Treehuggers, Nick Hughes

2019: Luke Bailey, Rachel Lowrie, Chris Allen, Richie Bassett, Timo de Jong, Ruud Fieten, Ancient Orange, Rambling Valentines, Lewis Barfoot, Stuart Turner & Zoe Bance, Fate the Juggler, Bity Booker, Ani Graves, Melanie Crew & Ross Palmer, Kelly Stanley & Company, Les Elvin, The Trombgnomes

2020: Luke Bailey, The Demon Gin, Nick Hughes, The David James Rumsey Band

2021: Luke Bailey, LunaBarge, Bernard Hoskin, Adam Green